The NYF Fry Society card is a digital loyalty card, which you can use to earn rewards for your purchases. You can also use it to pay for your meals. These cards are saved in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. If you don’t have an iPhone or Android phone, you can print the card from My Account and use the printed card.
Login to your account and add your credit card to your account. Load money onto your card and then save your card to Apple Wallet or Google Phone if you haven’t already. When you are in the store, scan your phone to pay. You can also set the auto-reload function to ensure that you always have money on your card.
If you have loaded money onto your card online, then yes, you are eligible.
No. The free menu item and free regular poutine rewards do not include the large poutine.
Yes. You just need to enter the recipient’s email and name when purchasing the card. It is easiest to send an e-gift online, however if you do not know the recipients email address, or prefer to give them a printed copy, you can purchase the gift at one of our participating stores.
Once you register you will receive an email from NYF Fry Society. View the email on your phone and click on the link to your mobile store card. This will add the NYF Fry Society card to the Apple Wallet or Wallet app in your phone.
When you visit participating New York Fries locations and make a purchase (with a value over $1.50) you will receive a point. Fry Society will issue 1 point per day, per purchase transaction, so if you make 2 purchases on the same day, you will only receive a point for the first purchase. Collect 10 points and you can choose any one item from our menu and redeem your loyalty reward. Please note, you cannot earn points when you redeem rewards.
All your rewards will be indicated in the Rewards section of your Fry Society card. This will be visible from your Apple Wallet or Google card. When claiming your reward, please notify the cashier that you want to use your reward in advance of payment.
You can log in to your Fry Society account and reload your card right from your phone. Alternatively you can log in and set auto-reload so that when your balance goes below a threshold, it automatically reloads your Fry Society card with the selected amount.
You can log in to your Fry Society account and add it to your phone again.
We won’t share your Fry Society account number with anyone and you shouldn’t either. Treat your card as cash. If you feel that people have had access to your card number, please contact us as soon as possible.
At the time of purchase, let our staff know that you have a Fry Society card and you'd like to earn points for your purchase. They will help you scan your card and earn points. Fry Society members that also pay with their phone are eligible for more exclusive offers and rewards.
The reward will be added to your Fry Society card. Your reward is listed under the REWARD section of your card. If the reward is not listed, please refresh your card.
Your phone must be connected to the internet to receive the balance or reward updates. Sometimes, mall wifi's prevents points or rewards updates due to their connectivity restrictions. If you have an iPhone, go to Apple Wallet, click on the three dots button in the top right corner of the card, toggle off "automatic updates" and toggle on "automatic updates". This will update the balance on the card. If you have an android, close your Google Pay app and open it again. This will update the card information.
No, your reward and card balance are separate items. This question only applies to those who use the card to pay. Your reward does not change your card balance. Your card balance is the money you have loaded onto your card and your card reward is the reward we have given you or that you have earned by purchase frequency.
When you are in the store and are ready to pay for a meal, let the cashier know that you have a reward item on your Fry Society card and that you'd like to use it. They will then scan your phone to redeem the coupon.
It is in the first email we sent you after you signed up. If you cannot find the email, you can reset your password by going to the frysociety.newyorkfries.com page and click on "Forgot Password".
Yes. You will have to present your registered Fry Society card to earn or redeem your rewards at the stores.
Yes. We have implemented SSL encryption technology to encrypt all entered and transferred data including your credit card information. We do not store or have access to your credit card information. We work with one of the world’s leading payment processors that handles the processing of your credit card. They only send us confirmation that the credit card has been successfully charged.
If you have lost your card, please email us immediately at newyorkfries@virtualnext.com and we will protect any remaining balance on the card at the time we receive your email. We will provide you instructions on how to get back your remaining balance on the card.
Your card gets updated on our servers instantly. It may take up to 24 hours for your Fry Society card to be updated with the new balance on your phone. To get a faster update, you can manually refresh your Fry Society card. Sometimes, if we are having a promotion, you may not receive your reward until the promotion end date, or until you have achieved the targeted number of transactions to receive the bonus points or reward.
If you have an iPhone, go to Apple Wallet, click on the (i) tab in the bottom left corner of the card, and pull down the card to refresh your card. This will update the balance on the card. If you have an android, close your Google Pay app and open it again. This will update the card information.
If you have money stored on your Fry Society account, the system will always use these funds first. If there is not enough money on the card, you can use any payments method to complete the transaction. If you have not loaded any money onto your card, you can pay for your order however you like. Both pre-loaded members (Aficionado’s) and loyalty only (Members) earn the loyalty point each time the Fry Society card is scanned.
Yes. Once you login to your account using your Windows or Blackberry device, follow the instructions on your screen to add the card to your phone.
Absolutely! You can use a printed version of your digital card to earn points and redeem your rewards. To print a copy of your digital card, login to your account using a desktop computer and click on the "Print Card" tab.
You can see the list of participating locations here.
Yes. You need a credit card only if you are loading money onto your card online. You can either load money onto your Fry Society card in stores or use your Fry Society card to earn points without loading any money onto it.
The process for redeeming a reward is no different from the process for earning points on your card. You just have to tell the cashier that you have a reward on your Fry Society account that you want to use, show your digital card to the cashier and then scan your card once the order has been placed.
To become eligible for the birthday reward, you will have to load money onto your card at least once before your birthday date. We will load a Free Birthday Fries reward onto your card on your birthday date. Please note that your free Birthday fries expires after time, so please note your expiry date!
You can reset your password by going to the following URL frysociety.newyorkfries.com. If you are on a desktop, click on the "click here" tab that is next to the "Forgot your password?" message. If you are on a mobile, click on the "My Account / Reload" tab first and then click on the "Tap here" icon that is next to the "Forgot password?" message. You can then follow the instructions on the page to reset your password.
Email us at newyorkfries@virtualnext.com and we will get right back to you!!